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Rainbow Reset

Transform your gut health in 21 days.

For 21 days experience the power of food as medicine by eating the rainbow

Reset Your Gut with Real Food

Limited Spots Available.

- 21 days of real, colorful, plant-rich nutrition 

- A personalized meal program 

- 1 to 1 support from a Wellness Coach  

- Daily Intuitive Nutrition education   

- MD approved 

Three weeks of real, colorful, whole foods will transform your life.

Hi friend,


I'm Heather from Austin, TX. 


I grew up in a small town in Central Texas, eating a standard American diet. By my early twenties, I was prescribed a baggie of medications for anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. 


I had no idea that what I ate affected how I felt. 


That is until I got my first job at a raw vegan nutrition bar. 


Over the next decade, I studied under nutritionists, doctors, chefs, and wellness experts about the benefits of a whole foods diet. 


It all came together when I started PTYD. Over the next six years, we served over half a million deeply nourishing meals to fellow Texans. 


Now, we've partnered with Dr. Brooke Stubbs, MD to bring you the Rainbow Reset - so you can feel just how amazing life can be when you're getting the nourishment your body needs. 

Experience the Reset.

Here is how we will support you:

21 Days of Deep Nourishment

Experience the power of food as medicine

Eat the Rainbow

Paint your Plate with Real Colorful Food

- Organic, plant-rich, ready to eat meals that will nourish you to lasting transformation

- Eat every color of the rainbow, to empower your body with the essential nutrients to eliminate toxins and deliver vital nutrients. 

- Daily vitamins, minerals, and fibre through whole foods to awaken your body to its fullest potential. 


- Daily guidance and science for deeper knowledge, a daily schedule, and carefully crafted recipes for lasting results. 

This is your opportunity to prioritize yourself.

Meet your Wellness Coach for a 1-1 to design your personalized meal program
Receive your first delivery on Sunday, Jan 8th
Follow your weekly meal program, guided by Heather and Dr. Brooke.
Watch daily Intuitive Nutrition Modules to deepen your relationship with food and self through each meal
Swap your bag & jars when you receive your second and third delivery

Limited Spots Available

Reserve your Reset Today

  45 organic, plant-based, ready to eat meals 

  18 Nutrient-Dense Wellness Essentials  

  Reset friendly Christmas Feast 

Bonuses included:

 1-1 Wellness Coaching  (Value $599)

  15 Intuitive Nutrition Modules (Value $499)


Total Value: $2108

Today's Price: $1110

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