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How We Zero-Waste

FAQ: How We Zero-Waste

Each week, your meals are delivered in glass jars and a reusable insulated bag. We collect these materials at the time of your next delivery to sanitize and reuse. Unlike other meal delivery options, you do not throw away any packaging from PTYD. Our kitchen is also zero waste. Using creative cooking, composting, and food diversion programs, we do not throw away any food.
Every week when we drop off your next delivery, we’ll collect your old items to be reused or composted. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Rinse & collect all packaging 2. Leave packaging in your green bag on your doorstep 3. Our team will collect upon your next delivery DETAILS: • Please rinse glass jars & bottles. This expedites the sanitation process & keeps our team healthy! • Certain items arrive in 100% compostable packaging. If you don’t have compost – return these items & we’ll compost for you! • Return your Siete Chip bags! Siete will repurpose the empty bags. If you pause or skip a week, hold on to your packaging – we’ll collect upon your next delivery. If you choose a one-time-order or decide to cancel, we’ll schedule a final collection & send you a reminder!

Yes. Every week, when we drop your new delivery, we pick up your old bag and jars. This is how we achieve our mission of zero packaging waste. If you cancel, we will schedule a final pick up. We will always send a reminder text!

$2 per jar, $2 per lid, $10 per bag, $5 per ice pack If you forget to place your items outside, just let us know!
Upon cancellation, we will contact you to schedule a pick up the week following your final delivery. If you skip a week, just hold on to your materials and we will pick up on your next delivery.
At PTYD we divert all food waste through compost and creative cooking.
Plastic is not healthy for our bodies or the environment. While glass is not perfect, it can be reused over and over again which increases the useful life of our packaging and therefore drastically reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. All products sold on our site will arrive at your door in either reusable or compostable packaging.

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